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Check Engine lights, what are they for?


Check Engine lights, or for some cars a Service engine Soon Light, is a part of your cars operating system that is there to let you know when something is going on with your car that is outside its ability to adjust. Every mechanical item operates within certain parameters; these parameters are necessary to keep everything operating as designed. When everything operates within these parameters, a certain harmony is created and your car will perform as you expect and above all, protect the precious environment we all live in. You’ve heard of this as emission controls.

My car runs fine, why should I fix that light?


Sometimes we forget that our cars are sources of some very poisonous chemicals and emissions. In the past, with cars not using service engine soon and check engine lights, your car may have seemed to be operating well, but in reality, your comfort was at someone else’s expense as you drove around leaving a trail of toxic gases and poisonous chemicals in your wake. Nowadays, all cars are programed to help keep track of the many different systems on your car with the whole goal of keeping that from happening. For those of you who don’t care about what’s left in their wake, there is still a benefit to them as well. Many times, whatever is causing the warning lights to come on, can also be causing additional damage to their car, that if ignored, can become more costly to repair. You will still have to repair the original cause of the check engine light, but now you also have to fix the item that was damaged by not taking care of turning that pesky light out.

I had the code read for free, isn’t the rest easy to fix?


At Nelsons automotive of Pewaukee, we will pull, read and explain to you what is turning on your check engine or Service Engine Soon light and at no charge as part of our Visual Vehicle Inspection. At that point, you will be able to determine, from our expert advice, if paying for a complete diagnostic is in your best interest. The diagnostic is a comprehensive test of the entire system that the code relates to. With a proper diagnostic, we can “guarantee” the repair. If we determine the repair needed to turn out your service soon light will be to install an Oxygen sensor, you can rest assure that Oxygen sensor will repair your problem and it’s guaranteed.  If our repair doesn’t fix your car as promised, you will not have to pay for that part. Have you ever heard the comment, “it needed that sensor, but now it needs this other sensor too” and of course that other sensor is going to cost even more money. That’s the kind of results a complete diagnostic will avoid, giving you the peace of mind that your car will be fixed right as promised. 


2 year 24,000 mile limited warranty.


The trained experts at Nelsons will help keep that check engine light out for at least as long as our 2 year, 24,000 mile standard repair warranty. That’s what we call service.


Call us any time if you live in Brookfield, WI, Waukesha WI, Sussex WI, Pewaukee WI, Hartland WI, Lannon WI, Delafield WI, Colgate WI, Milwaukee WI, you are close to us and can stop in any time for a free code read and consultation with an ASE Master certified tech (Jim Nelson) and not someone that just wants you to buy a part.




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